Friday, March 13, 2009

Corpus Christi and a Great Birthday

I had a great 34rd birthday. Kevin and the kids surprised me with a trip to Corpus Christi. It was awesome. The kids had never been to the beach. The weather wasn't really beach weather but I was so glad we went. They loved digging their toes in the sand and chasing the water back and forth. We collected some tiny sea shells to bring back to Mrs. N. Kevin and I took turns holding Emaleigh until we realized she didn't want to be held, for once. She kept making this silly face that I think is just for the beach because I never saw it before or since.
Addie tired quickly of chasing water back and forth and had the bright idea to make sand angels. The neat freak in me (just a tendancy or preference not an actual description of my environment) started to say, "you're going to get sand on everything!!" And then I realized thay was why we were there. Lucas didn't like the beach as much, but I hope he changes his mind when it's warmer and he can actually get wet. I love the beach. Most of our beach vacations when I was little were to Gulf Shores and Destin Florida. The kids now are asking to go to Aunt Jennys and Uncle Nates Beach.
After our quick beach visit, We went to the hotel for a swim with cousins and then Aunt Ginny and Uncla Shane took all our kids to their house for the night and we had a no kids date. Kevin and I went to Outback for dinner. We talked about us a little more than we talked about our kids and remembered back when we were dating why we liked each other. That was a nice reminder. I love my big huge family.