Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Boys Will Be Little Boys

Lucas did it. He finally had the injury I expected based on his activity level. See the big gash he got in his head last night. The story as I understand it is that Lucas was out of his bed in the dark peaking in on Emaleigh who was crying in her crib, when he thought he heard us coming (or for whatever reason) and decided to run back and jump in his bed. Only his foot slipped on a book that was left on the floor and instead of landing safely in his bed, he dove right into the bed frame and hit his head pretty hard. Blood was gushing from the little, less than an inch gash on his head. Kevin and I had a full two seconds of complete panic, frozen and everything, before we jumped into action. I got Emaleigh. (When we heard Lucas start crying we both jumped up, but I ran to Lucas and he ran to get Emaleigh out of her crib, so we switched) He picked up Lucas and went to the kitchen with him to look at the wound and try to calm him down. Emaleigh and I got a washcloth (the first one I found was pure white) and wet it with a little cold water and brought it to the boys in the kitchen and then went back to search for Band-Aids and aquaphor. The bleeding stopped fairly quickly with pressure and we bandaged him up and calmed him down, he’s pretty tough. Then we all went back to the kid’s room to calm Addie down who was beside herself with worry. We kept Lucas out of his room to just monitor him for about 30 minutes before we let him go back in his own bed. Addie was still wide awake and needed to talk to Lucas to know he was ok and was so upset when he said for her to leave him alone because he was tired. She slept in the crack between their beds to be closer to him. This morning I told him we would probably need to go show the doctor his head today. He asked to please see the nurse and not the doctor. I think he said the doctor doesn’t know what she’s doing. Where did he get that?