Monday, December 14, 2009

December is Here

Where has the year gone? The past few months have flown by. Well we have been fairly busy and you can assume that has been part of the reason for the poor updates to our family blog.
Here are bullet points regarding all of the things I should have blogged about if I had the time to sit and write and post photos:

  1. We spent Halloween in Austin with the Baltera's. For the first time we dressed up the whole family as a famous family. I did post a photo of us dressed up as the Simpson's family. We had alot of fun with this. It has been requested by Addie that we go as the Adam's family next year. I have already begun working on this.
  2. In November, on the 15th, I completed my first half marathon. The experience was so much more than just the accomplishment of finishing the 13.1 miles. I will definitely be signing up to run the rock 'n' roll SA half marathon next year. I may even run another between now and then. My life is changed for the better for being a part of this. I am definitely a runner now. It is a part of me that I am proud to have added.
  3. We spent Thanksgiving in Corpus Christi with all of the Forces. Grandpa fried a turkey and us ladies were responsible for the trimmings and the pies. I baked a Jack Daniels pecan pie. Like the half marathon, this is a repeat. But I wouldn't say it changed my life.
  4. ADDIE IS READING!!! She started putting letters and sounds together before she staerted school but the formal education of her kindergarten class was just the stimulus she needed, she reads everything and now she loves it almost as much as coloring. Also she has become shy in her 5 yrs. She'd rather read and color all day long than meet anyone new. She will have to get over this fear as her parents are social and getting more so.
  5. Emaleigh is talking. Her words/phrases include: Morning, sit down, love, Addie, Mommy, bottle, bar, ball, cookie, eye, teeth, dog, up, bath, shoe, sock...and so much more. We are going to have a new chatterbox really soon
  6. Currently Kevin is in the lead in the chatterbox area. I guess after 5 years of going to the PD Christmas party he has grown enough relationships. Maybe he got tired of listening to me chatter. This time it was I who was waiting for him to shut his trap so we could move on to dinner or even go home. But this I am thankful for. I am glad that he likes all of the people I work with. I pretty much do mean ALL OF THEM.
  7. And Lucas James is 4! December 9th. He keeps talking about his other birthday, he's sure he has two. I will let you know when birthday 4 number 2 rolls around when I can figure that out.
Sorry no photos, sorry it has been so long.