Monday, June 29, 2009

Florida Girl, Zoe!

My mom treated me and Emaleigh with a quick trip to the sunshine state to meet my new niece, Zoe Claire Garcia. It was awesome to get to see my sister in full mommy mode. Jenny's got that natural nurturing instinct. And she was pretty generous sharing Zoe snuggles. I got to hold her a bit. Jenny even skipped baby baths all week just so I could bath Zoe when I got there. Ms. Zoe was calm cool and collected for the most part. Emaleigh had a great time too but she was less interested in Zoe and much more interested in Ziggy, my dog nephew and Zoe's big brother. I wish I had a better picture of him but he did not like the red eye on my point and shoot camera. I will replace this photo when I get a better photo from Jenny, hint hint.And then she definitely soaked up some Aunt Jenny and Uncle N8 love too.

My plane left from the Orlando area on Sunday at 3:30 but we took off from Lakeland at 10:30 am so we could use the trip to fit in another visit with family. My childhood friend and cousin who lives in Winter Garden, Florida. We stopped by their home for a quick lunch and visit. She and her husband, Mr. RB, have two son's. The oldest will be 3 in October and played very nice with Emaleigh, sharing his toys and showing her how they all worked. Her baby was born only a couple of weeks before Zoe. I love this picture with the two of the in their infant carriers still snoozing. Both of these have plenty of hair that they could spare some to my one year old who is still as bald as the day she were born.

Ofcouse we managed to get one rare pictire of Jenny, Dawn and I all together. It has been so long since we were all together. I think it was at my wedding four years ago. I hope we will be able to update this photo sooner than four years from now. The trip was quick and the visits were both entirely too short, but I am glad that I got out there anyway. Sometimes you take a day for a trip you'd prefer to bee a week long just because that week never comes along. Maybe at the end of 2010 we can all reconvene in a mountian town to chase all of our toddlers plus one more from Texas in the snow.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some PE News!

I passed the PE exam, I am now a licensed Professional Engineer. I like the sound of,
Laura Prewitt Force, Professional Engineer
Now let’s have some fun with LPF,PE
Leprechauns probably find paleontology enticing
Lemons pummel friend’s poor étagère
Latent pungent foul poo eau
Last person found partying eats
Lazy professionals find plain entertainment.
Large prowling ferocious people eater
Livid piglet flings pooh everywhere!
Luke produces force powered ewoks
Leia probably finds precocious ewoks
Let’s plant flowers penetrating earth
Lacy policemen flaunt pink epaulettes
Lumberjacks practice felling pines everyday
Leaking porcine flu postnasal effluence
Lamenting persons fear prissy emos
Livid people fling poo everywhere
Let Peace Find Palestine Elders
Leia probably follows phantom egoats
Locating particles for physics experiments
Lemming promptly forgets parachutes exist
Thanks Jack, Kevin and Taran for playing!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Girls

The Birthday Party images were delivered today. Thanks Jack, we owe you more beer!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today is Emaleigh’s first birthday. Happy Birthday baby! We had a birthday party for the girls last Saturday. Addie Belle turned 5 on June 14th. Our party was a Ballerina themed party and we did go for the bouncy castle in the backyard despite the elevated temperatures. That didn't bother any of the kids. For most of the duration of the party the bouncy castle was full of energetic ballerrinas and one fireman and a few other male friends that DO NOT wear tutus. Our kids had a great time. I think everyone did. Once the sun went down, we had a little Force family time in the boujcy castle before Royal moonbounce came to pick it up. The birthday party energy is such a great feeling. I love these kids. I love my big huge family.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What a happy little guy! Lucas is learning to annunciate his "L" as an L instead of a W sound. It is great and very exaggerated. He wears his gulasses and culothes and gets culean in the bathtub.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Env Day 2009, Letter from Dad in Papua

Today was the Environmental Day Expo in Tembagapura. We had 22 booths,
nearly that many food stalls, music by local bands, and speeches as well
as a visit by Miss Papua and Miss West Papua. Ivy may recognize Miss
Papua (on my left) as one of the servers from the lounge in the Rimba
Papua Hotel. She said to tell you hello. The environmental department
booth had four snakes, three of them green tree pythons. They were
pretty well behaved except for a couple of times trying to get away by
climbing along the top of the wall to the booth next door.

Zoe Claire Garcia

Zoe Claire Garcia was born on June 5, 2009 at 2:29 pm. Baby Zoe was 8 lbs and 6 ozs, 21" and a head full of hair. Jenny and Zoe went home from the hospital on Sunday and Jenny sent photos and a little message. Both of my new nieces are adorable just like their mommies! I am heading to Florida at the end of the month with Emaleigh to meet Zoe. Hopefully during that quick trip I get to meet my second cousins Terran and Xavi, too!

So we are home and pretty tired. I just wanted to send a few good pictures out of our first few moments at home. Ashley from church dropped off a full dinner just a few minutes ago and we are looking forward to our first night at home. Thank you all so much for all your prayers and well wishes. Hope to have some more pictures soon.

Love to you all,

Jenny, Nate, Zoe and new big brother, Ziggy

Friday, June 5, 2009

FW: The Big Day

So, no more additional news has come up over the day. I am still pregnant and if nothing happens overnight, we are scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning. After much deliberation and some anxiety about the decision. I am comfortable about it and ready. So, hope to be sending photos soon of our new baby girl. Zoe will be here so soon, I should probably go and make sure everything is ready one last time.

Love to you all,