Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance 2010

Kevin took Addie to the Daddy-Daughter dance in New Braunfels this year. It is put on a Wursthall by the City of New Braunfels Parks and Recreation department. They both really enjoyed the evening. Addie really impressed on Kevin how cool she was. She knew more chart topping hip-hop than we would have ever expected. She danced and sang all the words to songs Kevin has never heard. To prove this to me Kevin put our radio on Sirius hits 1 on the way to church on Sunday and sure enough as the weekend countdown approached number 1, her level of familiarity also rose. What is going on? Where did my little girl go? We have figured out that this is all due to her acquaintance, Biviana, who has a little MP3 player the kids all love to share. So she has won the right to have her own MP3 player. We are planning on getting her one for her birthday which we will load some of these kid friendly chart toppers along with other kid friendly songs we wish to impress upon her as all good parents do. She is growing up so fast.
In other news our growing up gal was selected for Talented and Gifted program at her school. We’re pretty proud and amazed by her.