Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And Life Goes On!

The Test is OVER!!!! If I don't pass it I will take it again in October and the torture will start all over again. I don't find out until June how I did, pass or fail, but I guess I feel ok about the test.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Evening

We did Easter a little differently this year. Addie and I dyed eggs on Friday with a little help from Lucas. The Prewitt aunts sent two dye kits, tie dye and glitter eggs. We opted for the tie dye eggs. We’ll save the other for next year or maybe we’ll just dye eggs again some other time outside of Easter.

Now there’s an idea. I am still in the PE review course and so on Sunday I had to get up and out to class. I didn’t get to go to church with the bunch on Easter Sunday but I did manage to dress the little munchkins all in their Easter attire before I had leave them for most of the day. So I don’t really know how it went at church. Well I do know a little. They church family sort of surrounded Kevin to help him with the kids. That’s awesome. When I got home from class, I hid eggs in the backyard. Then I came in the house and quickly explained "getting warmer" and "getting colder". As you maybe can imagine, Addie was all ears with clarification questions. Lucas was jumping up and down on his hands trying to keep from running out the back door. The hunt was really fun this year. We finally have something in the backyard to hide eggs around. And the big kids are big enough to understand searching for rather than pick up eggs right out in front of their face. We dyed and hid 19 eggs and Addie and Lucas each found about half.
We moved Emaleigh's pack and play to the backyard and gave her two plastic eggs and she was pleased as punch. She crawled in circles hollering to the kids, "hey you dummies, can't you see the egg right there on the ladder!" and putting the plastic eggs one by one in her mouth with her two teeth.
At the end of a long day the evening hunt was really fun. Then we moved the party inside for some hide and seek. I actually got my whole self under the crib. All of the housework is behind. I had nothing to wear for work today, I looked like a clown. But this month has been so stressful and I am so happy I have the smiles and energy of three lovable silly kids to help me take a break from worry. I hope this never ends.