Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Skippy Jon Jones

Now that Addie is in Kindergarten, Kevin and I have homework all over again. We are asked to read with Addie every night. I think we used to read to her fairly regularly, but not as much as every night. Last week I sent Addie to her school bookfair with a little money and an order to buy two books. One of the books was a Fancy Nancy flip book. We have yet to crack that one because the kids all love the other book, Skippy Jon Jones and the Big Bones. I just ordered that one because there was a dinosaur on the front. I thought it could be for Lucas. The kids love this book and ask me to read it everyday now as soon as we get back to the house after work. It is a really silly book about a Siamese kitten who thinks he is a Chihuahua paleontologist. When he creeps though the imaginary jungle that is really his closet full of the neighbor’s dog’s bones, he speaks to the little Chihuahua (imaginary) friends with a Spanish accent. The book is totally cute and I recommend it to everyone.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Photo Blog

Amy sent these images yesterday. I know I am slacking again on keeping the blog current so I thought I would post some photos of my kiddos and their cousins to hold you over until I actually write again.
this is Ms. Olivia Baltera
Here is Dominic, too cool to take off his hat at the table but I think he is just coloring. Don't call the courtesy police on him yet.
these three play very well together
Emaleigh doesn't like to stop what she's doing to smile on my time.