Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Year, Renewed Attempt

Isn't it funny that at the beginning of the year I thought I would give blogging another go.  Oh yes there are so many breaks and inconsistencies in my blogging habit.  Many things get in the way.  Like school, kids evening and other extracurricular activities, and family time.  All good things.  
So at the years start I found this book (again). Published in 1980, The big Book of Amazing Facts was Kevin's when he was in grade school.  It does really have many interesting, if trivial, amazing facts.  
So again I have to say I do not promise consistency.  I started this post in January and am just getting to finish it now because I want to write a separate post about today's field trip with my homeschool kids. But If I were making promises, I would say that once a week I will share something I find interesting from the Big book of Amazing Facts, 1980 version.  That's before lists on the internet and Buzzfeed people.


  1. Where did you find this book? I have been looking for a copy for weeks for my father in law for xmas. Any direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I had this book when I was 10 years old and read it and treasured it for the next 5 years until, sadly, it was lost. I'd give anything to find another copy of this book to bring back my childhood and share with others but the only copy I've found online is $199! I just can't manage that 🙁


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