Monday, May 2, 2016

May is for My Mom and other Mothers too!

        My Mom, Ivy Louise Prewitt, just celebrated another birthday yesterday.  Her birthday is sneaky there at the beginning of the month.  I imagine that for much of her life having a May birthday was fine, normal.    Now her birthday is usually about a week away from Mother's Day with regularity.  I wonder if that has been for her like December babies at Christmas.
Emaleigh and I got to travel to France with Mima; This was Emmy's first plane ride

If my daughter were writing Birthday wishes, she would certainly include an acrostic poem.
 Ivy: I is for Intelligent.  V is for veracious.  Y is for Youthful.
Mom retired early as a Librarian.  she was working at a community College Library when dad moved the two of them to Indonesia for his job.  She was passionate about her work and was truly a reluctant retiree.  She remains a walking reference and information central. It seems there is not much that she doesn't know well or atleast a little. She is a voracious reader and we often share books.  She even sometimes joins me at my bookclub which I love.

She is a truth teller.  She has not the ability to lie or even hide what is true. She is like an open book (Ha! get it? The librarian is an open book!) She is also a passionate student of the Word of God and freely shares when God makes his word personal for her.

And she is youthful.  My dad often refers to the book by Oscar Wilde "The Picture of Dorian Gray" in which the protagonist does not age and rather a painting by him ages for him.  I think it is her smile and her joy that keep her young.  She wears her multicolored grey like an intentional fashionista.  I think she's the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Mom with Grandma Prewitt at the Prewitt reunion 2015
 Other words that I would use to describe my moma that don't fit into that Addie style acrostic are Strong and gentle, giving, caring, astute, wise, teacher, AWESOME, friend, grandmother, fighter, sweet, adventurer, BRAVE.
Mom and I at another family get together, 2011
Mom and dad are currently in the middle of a move from New Orleans to southern Colorado where they will finally retire together.  They have some big plans and I love that they are headed into this next phase of life with a begin again vigor for what lies ahead.  I can't wait to send the grandkids to them for extended visits while I head to the beach with Kevin to do nothing.  Wait, just kidding.  I know they'd be down for it, but more likely they would have to take me along with the grandkids.  Sorry mom.

Mom, thanksgiving 2015
 Happy May Mother, Mom, Moma!  Happy Birthday youngin"  Happy Mother's Day too!  Thanks for being an example for me of how to love, of what sweetness looks like and of how to fight for my family even if it sometimes seems like I am alone.  You are so appreciated and seen and loved for who you are. I am so spoiled to get to be your daughter.
Grandparents with the Force kids Thanksgiving 2015

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