Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Noonday Collections, New Hat for Me

In January of 2015 I volunteered to host a Noonday Collection trunk show for a friend because she lived in Seattle and I knew this meant she would come to my house and I would get to see her after more than 15 years.  Honestly, it was just a yes because I wanted to see my friend and do her a favor.  But what actually happened was I fell in love with the collection, with the artisan stories, with the heart this company has for adoption and for the impact they are having for vulnerable communities in the world.  That Sunday afternoon in January I did get to see and visit with my friend, but my perspective shifted. They jewelry was really amazing.  The handbags and other accessories too.  But the fact that every piece shared a story of a life changed somewhere out there was really incredible.  

I started my new love for this collection by purchasing gifts for friends or just sharing the goodness on my facebook page when there was a good story or a sale. But it was always in the back of my mind that I would join and actually also become a Noonday ambassador myself.  It nagged as I weighed my ability to commit and balance the work with my other commitments, most important of which is homeschooling my children.  So I waited and learned and studied and then I hosted another party, again so that I could make my friend visit my home.  You know what I realized?  All women love to be reminded that we are connected.  They love to see these artisan pieces and to hear the stories of lives changed.  A common thread in the artisan stories is that families get to stay together.  Parents who were not able to have a job before are now able to have the means to keep their children home instead of sending them to adoption.  These women (and men) somewhere out there are jumping to this opportunity because it means everything to them as mothers and fathers.  Aren't we all the same? It just began to really resonate with me that I can actually be a part of solving something.

At some point it became a simple choice for me.  Women at church assumed that I already was an ambassador.  People were interested in my jewelry and my bag and I found myself sharing the stories and directing my friends who were interested to make a purchase that would fill their heart with the satisfaction of keeping another mother able to provide for her family.  Without partnerships such as the one they have with Noonday Collection, many of these artisan would not have an interested buyer for their truly unique pieces. Yes, it was time for me to pick up the baton and own a greater responsibility to these efforts.  So I joined.  I don't know why I waited so long.  Several friends have already scheduled their trunk shows with me.  They have all been to my trunk shows and know and love the collection and are ready to help as a hostess (and earn some awesome rewards at the same time)  Check out the image below to see what my awesome May Hostesses are eligible for. 
And I just have to let you know about the awesome special Noonday is offering for those who want to join in May.  Have you seen this bag?  It is lovely and versatile.  I mean you could wear it as a purse or it could be the cutest laptop bag ever. Made with LoVe in India of cotton ikat and leather with a cotton lining, zip closure and three interior pockets, this bag also includes the sweetest little  mirror tassel.  Anyone who joins as an ambassador in May gets this bag along with their samples for free!  If you really love this bag, and aren't sure about joining, get in touch with me so I can tell you about other upcoming specials.

Anyway, that's it.  I am so excited to have finally turned this new page.  Thank you to the amazing women who have always been my biggest fans for stepping in so quickly with their purchases or plans to host.  As a team we have only begun to make our impact.  I can't wait to see what happens as the pages keep on turning. If you are interested to see more of what Noonday brings the feel free to shop my website at your leisure.  Each item includes a description of where it was made and what materials.  Happy Shopping and know your purchase really makes a difference.

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